Direct Mail Data Pulls

Let our AI take over one of the most critical decisions your organization makes - deciding which donors to mail.

Data Science For Direct Mail

Data Science For Direct Mail exists to help non-profit organizations leverage

AI, machine learning, & predictive analytics to realize the full potential that their direct mail programs can achieve to support their good work.




Stop spending hours staring at spreadsheets agonizing about which donors it makes sense

to mail.  Leverage our AI to completely automate the complex data pull process.


Our AI not only detects patterns in your donor data hidden

from your current process, it

does so with a precision guaranteed to significantly improve each mailing's ROI.


Not only will our AI produce instant growth by increasing ROI, but by automating a time-consuming process you and your staff will have more time to grow every other aspect of your fundraising plan.


Case Study #1


Soles4Souls' mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.

To achieve that mission, Soles4Souls strives to be the best possible stewards of the financial resources they’ve been given to manage.

Accordingly, they were actively searching for the best way to fully leverage their donor data when deciding which donors to send direct mail fundraising appeals.

By letting our AI take over, Soles4Souls saw a 110% increase in net funds raised.

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We’re so confident in our AI-empowered data pull

that we offer a 100% free test to select organizations

to prove its value before you pay a penny.

How the Free Test Works:

       The way we structure the test mailing is risk-free.

       You will pull data for the test mailing just like you normally do so the response from those donors will look exactly

the same as it would if we weren't doing the test.  At the same, we’ll have the AI analyze your donation data and recommend its own list of donors it thinks you should mail to maximize the mailing’s net funds raised.


       Then, before you send counts and data to your print shop, you’ll add all the donors recommended by the AI that aren't already included in your normal data pull.

       Finally, as results come in we will look at two groups:

Group A: Donors added by the AI that you wouldn't normally mail - guaranteed to give significantly more than cost.

Group B: Donors NOT recommended by the AI but that you normally mail - predicted to give less than cost.

       By looking at how much more is raised by mailing Group A and how much was lost by mailing Group B, you will know exactly how much the AI’s recommendations will increase overall net funds raised going forward.


It’s really that simple.

Give it a try,

you won't be disappointed

Fill out the form below to request a free test

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