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Business Development Representative

Job Overview:

Data Science For Direct Mail is hiring part-time entry-level Business Development Representatives who are excited about the prospect of in getting in on the ground floor of a new but rapidly growing technology start up.  You should have an outgoing attitude and personality, with an eagerness to hop on the phone with prospective clients and convey how our solutions uniquely and effectively meet their needs.


  • Seek to understand our target audience better than they understand themselves.

  • Know what they want / need, what their challenges / frustrations are, and how we can help.

  • Actively initiate inbound and outbound sales calls to prospective clients, daily.

  • Qualify prospects to make sure they would be a good fit for our service.

  • Schedule zoom presentations / phone calls with prospects and DSDM engineers.

  • Establish active communication / engagement, regularly following-up, overcoming objections, and pushing prospects along the sales pipeline.

  • Earn generous commission for every new client you sign.

  • Participate in sales training resources and coaching provided by DSDM.
  • Come up with and test innovative sales process ideas and sales strategies.

  • Maintain and update CRM to track every interaction with prospects.

  • Evaluate success of different sales strategies, continually testing and improving.


  • Be motivated by the positive reinforcement of a generous sales commission check.

  • Have flawless communication skills, both written, oral, and digitally through Zoom.

  • Ability to "Work from Wherever" while maintaining professionalism and getting things done.

  • Demonstrated ability to work solo as well as being a productive team member.

  • Sharing success / failure stories to grow your team members.

  • Have a strong work ethic and be eager to learn to become a master salesperson.

  • Must be competitive, but collaborative.  Be constantly motivated to beat your own score (think golf), but also help your teammates beat theirs.

To apply, please fill out the form below, submitting a cover letter and your resume both in pdf format.

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